Worst Beaches in the World and Where To Go Instead!

Beaches are among the most desired destinations for summer vacations. Even though we show love for these beautiful locations, some of them are plain dangerous! Check out here at BrillianceLife the top 3 worst beaches in the world, and where you should go instead.

Kamilo Beach, Hawaii.

kamilo beach worst beaches in the world
Hawaii is known for being a heavenly paradise on earth. Beautiful beaches, with beautiful people, and even more beautiful clear water to swim on. Now, sadly, not even Hawaii is safe from mankind’s pollution. Kamilo Beach in Hawaii is among the most polluted beaches of the earth!
Despite the cleaning efforts, there’s still a lot of marine debris. This is one of the top 3 worst beaches in the world you shouldn’t go to if you want to have a marvelous holiday.

Instead, you should check out Kaanapali Beach, in Maui.

Kamilo Beach Hawaii

Great food, drinks, places to walk around, swimming, snorkeling and of course all variations of surfing. This is one of the most magnificent beaches to check out in Hawaii!

Darwin beaches, Australia.

Darwin Beach Australia dangerous

As well as Hawaii, Australia is well known for its white sand astonishing beaches outside the Caribbean. Nonetheless, another interesting fact about Australia is its wildlife. Even though we love animals, we have to understand that some of them are quite dangerous. That’s why Darwin beaches in the sixth biggest country are a threat to us!

In these beaches, you don’t even have to worry about sharks, since crocodiles eat them! Also, you might run into jellyfish, snakes, and even the feared stonefish, which is the deadliest venomous fish!

Instead, you should check out Noosa Main Beach, in Queensland.

Noosa Main Beach Australia

Golden sand, beautiful water, food options nearby, and free parking are among the perks. You can also enjoy wildlife since you’ll be able to see dolphins and even whales!

Zipolite Beach, Mexico.

Zipolite Beach Mexico Dangerous waves

Even though its beauty, Zipolite actually means “beach of the dead” in Zapotec language. The waves of this beach turn it into one of the deadliest areas. You can’t swim at this beach because the current will pull you in!

Instead, check out Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Beach

It has a wonderful port, exciting nightlife, restaurants, and a long list of engaging activities!

Avoid the worst beaches in the world!

Start planning your next vacations in the safest and most exciting locations! Want more ideas? Check out these places!