Use These 8 Folk Methods to Fight Infections


Have you known that infections spread faster and easier in dry environments? If you create more humid condition in your house, you may be less exposed to influenza or other respiratory viruses.

More humid environments aid to ease your breathing and may lower nasal inflammation in sick people. This is where a humidifier with all its valuable qualities may come to your rescue. It helps to make your bedroom air hydrated and healthy. In fact, having this useful device is always beneficial, but in cold seasons when your zone or central heating is drying out your air, lungs and skin, it becomes a necessity.

To avoid the buildup of microorganisms in the air, use only distilled or filtered water in your machine. Usage of clear water (i. e. not from the tap) also prevents the growth of harmful for a device mineral scale. Alternatively, you can take a long steamy shower or soak your feet for a few minutes in a bowl of hot water.