Unhealthy secrets in Your Fridge

Your Fridge has some Dirty Secrets! Find out on our lifestyle newspaper!

We all love food, we all need food. That is one of the most important elements of human life. Doctors from all over the world say that our body stays alive approximately 3 weeks without eating. They are taking into account normal water consumption.
Nowadays, food is something bigger than just a way to survive, such days are in the past. Now we don’t just eat when we are hungry, but when upset, depressed, happy, bored or delighted. It isn’t matter anymore what we feel. The most important thing is to consume more and more. It is a modern way of life. Food became a cult.
But what about health? Energy is not the only one thing that we need from food. It must give us a confidence in a brand new day for a long long time. But plenty amount of junk food penetrate our stomachs every day. Sometimes we don’t even know that. The usual products can damage our body. Now you will know what are they. Get ready to face the naked truth.