Think Twice Whether You Want to Go to This Beautiful Place


Traveling to far away beautiful places to shake off all bumps and grinds of everyday life is a lifetime dream of many people. But even the most wonderful lands, where the nature is so charming that you could paint it straight away can hide some life-taking threats.

Such is one of the most exotic objects on the planet Earth, a small Brazilian island with enigmatic name Ilha da Queimada Grande. In the offing its siren beauty looks awfully attractive; and indeed, the island’ picture-postcard landscapes and herbaceous community deserve to be captured by the world’s best photographers.

But if you knew one more name of this island, you would figure out at once why lots of people avoid visiting this tantalizing place. As soon as you find out a bit more about Ilha da Queimada Grande, you will not be so interested in its beauty any longer.

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