These 7 Powerful Juices Will Protect You From Viruses and Infections

Apple, Orange and Carrot Juice

This trinity had sway with healthy eaters for its nutritious and disease-preventive benefits. It works perfectly either with snacks and meals or without them and can even be mixed with a few drops (or a bit more) of vodka – as a late evening cocktail.

This mixture uses an excellent combination of fruits, which results in a tart and sweet finish. With this juice, your body will get everything it needs to confront different viruses and bacteria. Vitamins A, B-6, and C, folic acid and potassium are really a dynamic group of brave fighters that will fearlessly stand up for your health. Potassium, for example, is perfect for your cardiovascular and bone health; it balances your blood pressure and improves the strength of your muscles.

Dice one green apple (i.e. Granny Smith) and 2 large carrots. Peel and section 1 orange, and add it to the mixture. Put ingredients into your juice squeezer and wait till it creates its magic.

This smart drink is great the way it is, but you can slightly modify it by adding a few tablespoons of other fruits and veggies.