What is the Role of Inflammation in Weight Loss

Cool Down Inflammation to Lose Weight Easily


In order to lose weight properly, it is important to cool down the inflammation going on inside the body.
What is Inflammation and why does it affect weight loss?
Short-term inflammation is actually important to the body as this is the process of fighting infections and other injuries. However, chronic inflammation is dangerous to our health as it can lead to obesity.
Factors that contribute to chronic inflammation are stress, high level of sugar, overeating, stress and high blood pressure. These bad and inflammation-adding habits can trigger fat-storing hormones:
Chronic inflammation can make the body resistant to insulin which is the hormone responsible in controlling blood sugar and leptin which is involved in satiety. This increases the appetite and results to weight gain or obesity.
Leptin is the hormone responsible for controlling metabolism and appetite that regulates the level of fat in the body. Gaining more fat tissue means the body secretes more leptin for better regulation. However, chronic inflammation weakens the ability of the brain to receive leptin’s messages to suppress the appetite.
Stress increases the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands which is helpful for weight loss and inflammation. However, the body cannot identify the difference between psychological and physical stress. For instance, eating a burger becomes stress. Paying bills is stress. Inadequate amount of sleep is also stress. All of these contribute to higher cortisol level.
This means that the hidden cause of weight gain is inflammation.
The only way to stop the cycle of inflammation-weight gain is through proper diet and exercise.
It is important to determine the main sources of your body’s inflammation. It is possible that there are many things that cause your inflammation such as stress, lack of sleep, financial problem, family problem and work load. The best way to determine the cause of chronic inflammation is to know which factors are giving you major stress.
Keep in mind that inflammation is natural to the body as this is the process of fighting infection and harmful organisms. It also helps your body heal tissues when you have wounds. However, chronic inflammation is different. Eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and conventional dairy as well as other inflammatory foods creates a toxic environment inside your body.
This toxic environment is what fat cells like. Fat cells contribute to inflammation and lead to more fat cells which lead to more inflammation. The cycle continuous and can lead to obesity.
Losing weight can be made easier when inflammation is decreased.