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The Purest Water in the World: Where is it?

Jiuzhaigou Valley, China


It is no coincidence Jiuzhaigou National Park fascinates everyone got here at least once a traveler, and attracts over and over again. After all, everyone wants to come back, even briefly, in a fairy tale or a beautiful dream.
In the valleys of the beautiful and diverse nature, here there are deciduous virgin forests inhabited by birds and animals, some of which (such as the panda and golden monkey) are listed as endangered, fast mountain rivers and majestic waterfalls. One of the main characters and the main attraction of Jiuzhaigou National Park, considered to be its ineffable beauty colorful lakes, of which there are more than a hundred.
Legend says the lake is nothing like a fragment of mirror that Dage God gave his beloved goddess Volo Symo. But inadvertently, she broke it and it shattered into many pieces, and we now have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lakes.

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