Follow These 8 Useful Tips to Keep Your Smile White Forever


Introduce Apple Cider Vinegar Gargling

Science has discovered that the use of vinegar for “better health” is not as good as we used to think, and may sometimes even be hurtful. Nonetheless, in certain cases, vinegar is shown to be helpful. Vinegar stays as a perfect cooking ingredient, and it is also found to be great for your oral-care regimen. Using apple cider vinegar each morning for gargling before brushing your teeth can enhance their whiteness. The reason is that vinegar is able to fight stains and kill bad bacteria attacking your mouth.

There is not a big difference, which brand you will use for that, but gargling reliable brands would be a bit more sensible approach. Apple cider vinegar is not as strong as other kinds of vinegar and less irritating. However, apple cider vinegar may seem too sour to some people, but after a few tries and some patience the stinging sensation will gradually go away, and the results will build up.

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