Follow These 8 Useful Tips to Keep Your Smile White Forever

Try the “Oil Pulling” Method

Ayurveda dental practices have proved themselves to be remarkably beneficial. They include chewing sticks, oil pulling, and some other special techniques that many contemporary cosmetic dentists recognize as thoroughly worthy holistic approaches. Oil pulling is a great way to improve your dental health by killing your intraoral bacteria.

As its name suggests, oil pulling is a method of swishing oil in your mouth. Take a tablespoon of cold-pressed olive or coconut oil, put it into your mouth, and start pulling it. It takes only 5-10 minutes a day, but if you remember to repeat pulling daily, you will notice a few positive changes pretty soon. Oil pulling fights off all the harmful parasites, bacteria, and toxins, which strengthens your gums, teeth, and even jaw. Practicing pulling will make you forget about bad breath, dry throat, or cracked lips, and your teeth will be much whiter than earlier.

If you for some reason don’t like the taste of the oil you pull, you may try other kinds until you find “your” flavor. There is nothing bad in looking for more flavored kinds: virtually any oil is suited for pulling; just make sure it to be cold-pressed.

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