Follow These 8 Useful Tips to Keep Your Smile White Forever

Employ Hot Straws for Hot Drinks

Although we’ve briefly mentioned drinks above, there are a few more reasons for their impact on your teeth. Most beverages are deeply colored and red and blue drinks may hurt teeth as much as the dark ones. Is it possible to kill two birds with one stone and enjoy these beverages without damaging an enamel? As it turns out, there is a simple and easy way out of this trap, and this is the straw. With the aid of a straw, the drink will get into your mouth without going through your teeth and sticking to them.

There are different kinds of straws, but the best ones are those that can be used for both cold and hot beverages. They will safely and effectively help your teeth to avoid meeting with dangerous stuff and keep your smile shining bright. Hot straws are definitely the simplest option that saves teeth from the disastrous effects of dark hot beverages. Contrary to other kinds, hot straws do not let chemicals to leak into your drink, which often happens with regular plastic straws. Though it seems a bit odd to become familiar with them, it is certainly a worthwhile skill.

Brighten Your Smile with a Smart Selection of Lipstick!

Men may proceed to our next tip because this one is exclusively for women. Have you known that the whiteness of our smiles can be improved by a smart selection of lipstick? The trick is that some lipstick colors once applied on the lips can make your teeth look up to four shades whiter.

This is, firstly, a blue-red color that visibly whitens your smile and improves the whole face visage. This lipstick shade looks actually good on anyone, so there is nothing to worry about: from the very first application you will notice how it brightens your smile and your teeth and makes you look years younger.

This tip can be extended to the rest of your visual image. Experts say that skillfully selected clothes as well as hairstyles can also have a great impact on how your teeth look in comparison. Too white clothing, for example, will not enhance the color of your teeth. If you want them to look whiter, choose any other color for your garments and the contrast will work just great for your purposes.