The Effects of Sleep Deficiency on the Body

Sleep Deficiency and the Digestive System

There are studies that proven lack of sleep has something to do with the gaining of weight. Aside from lack of exercise and too much food consumption, lack of sleep is one of the factors for obesity. Lack of sleep can increase the production of stress hormone that is called cortisol. Sleep deprivation can also lower the levels of leptin in the body, which is the hormone that tells your brain when you already had enough food consumed.
Sleep deprivation can also increase the levels of ghrelin, which is the biochemical that stimulates the appetite. After you eat, your body releases higher levels of insulin which can increase your fats and can lead to type 2 diabetes.
The damages from sleep deficiency can happen in an instant (such as car accident) or it can also harm you over time. Sleep is very important to physical, mental and emotional health. Getting enough sleep can protect your quality of life as you are able to function well throughout the day.

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