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Dangerous Sushi: The Whole Truth

Mercury in Dangerous Sushi.


There are many information how industry effects on the global warming and other environmental problems. But usually we don’t think that some impacts of it we can find on our tables and in our stomachs.
Mercury is one of the most dangerous metals. It gets into the water from various industrial facilities such as mines, thermal power plants, factories and even volcanoes (the only one natural source of the toxic residue). Particles of this substance are absorbed by plankton, which is the first step in the food chain of marine inhabitants. Small fish eat plankton and then falls into the jaws of predatory representatives. The last one often become the main part of sushi.
The most mercury full seafood are shark, tuna, swordfish, mackerel, sea bass and marlin.
There are many effects of Mercury poisoning but the most dangerous for human is damaging of central nervous system. That’s why pregnant women and children should not eat such fish nor fresh neither cooked (thermal processing can’t destroy quicksilver).

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