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Dangerous Sushi: The Whole Truth

Antibiotics in Dangerous Sushi.


We accustomed that antibiotics are inherent only in the meat of animals such as pork or chicken. But fish in sushi also have these medicines and even something else. You won’t believe it! Fish have pesticides and chemicals.
The main reason of such a consist is the fish farming. Almost all the seafood used in sushi is grown up in artificial conditions. The natural sea and ocean resources can’t meet the demand for all the sushi fans. That’s why fish farms are so widespread. They provide a low cost and constant flow of seafood. This production is beneficial to both buyers and sellers of Japanese dishes. But not for farmers. Because of the low prices on their product, breeders use low quality feed with a huge amount of pesticides and chemicals. Antibiotics are a prerequisite for the survival of fish in an unnatural environment.

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