Cultural Destinations | Top 5 Around the World!

At Brilliance Life Magazine we know exactly what you need! If you’ve had enough of beaches and snowy places, and want to have a mind-enrichment journey across the world, this article is that you need. Check out the top 5 cultural destinations you have to go to if you’re a thirsty knowledge absorbing machine looking for a different experience! Most of them are approved by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Best of Cultural Destinations – Paris, France.

Top Cultural Destinations Paris

Paris is the perfect place for starting this journey! It’s one of the most renowned cities around the world, and no wonder why! You’ll find that not only it’s filled with museums, but with many architectural wonders! It’s also a place where many authors, painters, and artists have lived in. Want to know what inspired them to do what they did? How about peeking at their lifestyle in France! Also, if you get tired, you can still check out the intense nightlife of the city.

Florence – Italy.

Top Cultural Destinations Italy
Another of the most desired cultural destinations is Florence. You will run into one of the top Renaissance capitals, thanks to its art-filled streets, buildings, and people. Just as with France, this is also a great place to get an excellent meal, which is just another way of expressing their tradition. This city is also filled with tradition, which pours out from absolutely everything people do there.

Shanghai – China.

Top Cultural Destinations China

This is the biggest city in China, which means that it’s also one of the largest concentration of knowledge in the world! You’ll see museums, great architecture, art, and tradition that is engraved in the city. Also, it has one of the most exciting nightlife around the world.

Tokio – Japan.

Top Cultural Destinations Japan

From the Asian countries, this is the one called the Food Capital of the World! This is a metropolitan parade all around, that efficiently manages to mix the ancient Japanese culture, with the post-war modern culture. Technology is one of the main perks of the city, too. This is the mecca for modern knowledge! And, as the name states, you probably can have a decent meal at any of the numerous Michelin Star awarded restaurants.

Brasil – Rio de Janeiro.

Top Cultural Destinations Brasil
When you think of tourism and diversity of cultures, Brasil pops out. This is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Also, if you get just in time, you can check out the biggest carnival party you can ever imagine!

Check out any of these top cultural destinations and enjoy from the Lifestyle Brilliance Life!