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Kaymakli Underground City of Cappadocia

The dwellings in the village are constructed around the roughly one hundred tunnels of the city, which are still used today as storage areas, stables, and cellars. There are four floors open to tourists, organised around ventilation shafts. This makes the design of each room, or space, reliant on the availability of ventilation. On the first floor, there is a small stable, small enough to indicate that there are other stables in unopened sections. Then there is a millstone door leading into a church, with a number of rooms to the right. These were possibly living spaces.
Then again, on the second floor is another church with two apses and a nave, a baptismal font and seating platforms along the walls.
The third floor contains oil or wine presses, kitchens and storage areas. The fourth floor has spaces for earthenware jars, plus a large number of storage rooms, maybe indicating the need for extra space to support a large population.

Open your mind and just enjoy the experience. Cappadocia is fascinating and delights people of all ages and backgrounds.

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