8 Easily Made Remedies That Greatly Improve Your Hands

Sugar Scrub

Sugar is not only a good sweetener but also an amazing beauty component. It can make wonders with your skin by exfoliating its dead cells. The skin often gets dry due to the growth of dead cells, so getting rid of them is often enough for preliminary treatment. In addition, sugar creates a calming effect, so cooking a sugar scrub might be one of the most rewarding home pastimes.

This recipe calls only for two ingredients: coconut oil and sugar. Take 0.5 of a tablespoon of coconut oil and blend it with one tablespoon of sugar. Massage the mixture gently into your hands, and rinse well shortly after. Pat dry your hands and then use a moisturizer (preferably one of the above homemade ones). Sugar scrub does not require the frequent application: once or twice a week is enough.