5 Rules Of Sleep Efficiency From NASA Astronauts

Decrease Blue Light from Your Devices to Improve Sleep Efficiency.

Scientists from all over the world research the influence of HEV (high-energy visible) what means the blue light of gadget screens. They proved it’s deleterious consequences on the level of hormone melatonin. It controls the biological rhythms of sleeping and waking. This hormone directly depends on the amount of bright light. Melatonin produces by the pineal gland of the human’s brain. The hormone’s level increases at night and subsides in the morning. So, the artificial bright light confuses our body and it begin to shrink sleep hormone and eliminates our desire to fall asleep. That is the most popular reason of insomnia as disease.
NASA scientists recommend not to use gadgets or TV 2-3 hours before going to bed. We need it to avoid insomnia or other consequences of HEV. There are something else that can be useful in struggle with blue screen light, for example, filters of HEV for any device and glasses with optical filters.
To this rule we can also include the lightening of rooms. Fluorescent bulbs with white color influence on bode’s internal clocks at the same way as computer or TV screens. So, the quality sleep needs soft colors of light with less intensity. Space station uses LED bulbs that manage all the parameters.