5 Rules Of Sleep Efficiency From NASA Astronauts

Make a Schedule of Sleeping and Awakening

It is important to have enough time to sleep. For the first time you can keep a diary and create your own sleep statistic. Sleep losing is tended to have cumulative effect. That’s why one or two nights with lack of even few hours of sleep can disrupt the functioning of the brain. This organ suffers the most in such situations.
Getting enough sleep helps to save emotional and physical stability. These conditions are momentous in confined space. That’s why astronauts have precise schedule of the work and rest.
Beginners in sleep planing can simplify the process of going to sleep with using special computer programs. They will switch off all the devices at appropriate time. You can improve sleep quality with easy exercises. For example, stretch your body by pulling up hands and standing on your toes. After that lie in the bed and put your feet on a high pillow or wall. These exercises will help to accelerate blood circulation and relax your muscles after a busy day.