4 Outstanding Places to Travel Around the World

Torres Del Paine National Park

If natural beauty is the one that fascinates you more than man-made monuments, then Torres Del Paine National Park is the foremost option that you ought to visit. Surprisingly, it has more sheep in Magallanes Region of Chilean Patagonia than people. It is acclaimed for towering mountains over Beryl valleys, glacial mass and icebergs, sparkling blue lakes and golden lowlands that provide dwellings for rarely seen wildlife such as llama alike creatures — guanacos.
It’s ideal to be visited in the months of January and February as the weather is icy in the remaining stretch of the year. For day hiking, Torres Del Paine National Park is perfect, but especially, the multi-day circuit treks with European-style camps beneficence munchies and din-din, beds, and a hot bath! Hoi Polloi! What else do you crave for?

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