Different Types of Yoga You’ll Love to Practice!

3 Different Types of Yoga You’ll Love!

We, at BrillianceLife, love Yoga! However, people don’t seem to get enough from the good ol’ Hatha now, which is the classic slow-paced version of Yoga taught to beginners. That’s why they keep coming up with different types of yoga to bring in newcomers. Check out the top 3 really different types of Yoga you’ll totally love!

Dog Yoga = Doga!

Different Types of Yoga with Dogs
Doga is what you get if you take your dog to your Yoga practice. The class starts with the dog relaxing on the floor next to their owners. Of course, Doga is ideal for you and your dog if he’s trained and a small breed, such as a Charles Spaniel, a Bolognese, or a French Bulldog. Why is this? Because you’ll be integrating him to your own movements, and he needs to be on top of you in some of them. Try to do that with your lovely Tibetan Mastiff to see what happens! Now, everyone loves dogs for sure, and everyone likes Yoga, which makes this different type of yoga the perfect combination to get you started.

Tantrum Yoga.

Different Types of Yoga Tantrum

Your boss is a pain in the butt? Too much stress in your daily life? Check out Tantrum Yoga, and scream and stomp the anger out of you. This very different types of yoga require you to scream as loud as you can, pounding your chest, and more. Because even kids know how to release their anger, so should you.

Bros practicing Yoga = Broga!

Different Types of Yoga for Bros


This different types of yoga were created to invite men into this healthy practice. As yoga has been depicted as a female activity, this practice uses the “manly approach” to erase these gender “boundaries”. It involves strength training, bodyweight exercises, and even cardio. No one should actually look down to this practice since it can squeeze your energy out. It comes with all the benefits of Vinyasa, due to this, it allows for faster transitions between movements. Because of the faster movements, it’s great for letting extra pounds go.

Extra Type: Beer Yoga.

Different Types of Yoga with Beer

Enjoy a nice beer while transitioning through asanas. Because a beer once in a while can benefit you, too.

Are you ready to try out these different types of Yoga? Get started as soon as you can!