16 Year Old Pregnant Stops Cancer Treatments to Give Birth

Rihanna’s Pregnancy


Rihanna Truman is living with her boyfriend together with his family. She admitted that she was so frightened about the diagnosis but is not scared as before. The 16 Year Old still lives like a regular teenager and deals with her condition every day.

Rihanna is such an admirable person and it is visible in her face and attitude that she is no longer scared. She also cares more about giving birth than her own health even if her doctors already told her that they do not know what will happen if she pushes through this.
After hearing her doctors, Rihanna still chose to continue her pregnancy. This made her family scared for her health condition. She stopped her cancer treatments so that she could deliver her baby boy safely. According to her, radiation and chemotherapy cannot do anything for her cancer. She was supposed to use an experimental drug but she postponed the treatment until she gives birth.
“It was a hard decision at the time. For me, it was the right thing to do,” Rihanna says. She is definitely a strong girl and she has no regrets.