15 Unbelievable Things Ever Found in Our Deserts

A Huge 998 Grams Opal

Jewelers are very fond of opal due to the variety of its shades caused by the stone response to the amount of its impurities. Goldsmiths use this ability for creating various kinds of beautiful jewelry. But one of opals excels all the others for its enormous size and natural quality, and this is the “Fire of Australia”. It was found about 60 years ago, weighs 998 grams and is valued at about 700 thousand US dollars. It was for a long time in private collection waiting for the public eye display: the fabulous stone was finally donated to the South Australian Museum in 2017. Around 90% of all the world opals are found in Australia and the “Fire of Australia” is no exception – moreover, it originates from South Australian desert.