15 Unbelievable Things Ever Found in Our Deserts

You don’t usually expect adventure and excitement from the desert. Nevertheless, the desert happens to be a golconda of the world’s most invaluable treasures. It looks like a fortune is testing us by placing all exciting findings in the most unfavorable places. Only the reckless adventurers and, maybe, altruistic scientists have guts to surprise us by their discoveries made among hot sands of thirsty deserts.

By all means, not everything that is found in deserts is a treasure. But the worth of most important findings is incommensurable with the monetary value. The ancient relicts might be worthless to uneducated barbarians, but priceless to the humanity as a whole. They can teach us ancient languages and make us admire the wonders created by our planet. The number of discoveries made in desert suggests that they are a bit more than sun-baked good-for-nothing wastelands.