11 Masks to Make Happy Your Skin

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Women at all the times wanted to be young, beautiful and desirable. Take Cleopatra, for example. Her secret of beauty is the most recognized recipe among women around the world. It is a hot bath with milk and honey. But there are many other recipes of the elixir of youth.
History remembers that people of earlier times used gifts of nature. These were herbs, fruits, berries, vegetables, seeds and nuts, as well as other products from the dining table. They were the main ingredients of face, hair and body masks.
Contemporary cosmetic products for care appeared not so long time ago. Despite the fact that they are much easier and even more efficient than the old recipes, a lot of women going back to the basics of grooming. This is often caused by allergy to certain components of cosmetics. The other reason is the presence of unknown components that are capable to cause adversely affect the skin with prolonged use.
Although home masks consist of smaller number of ingredients, they effectively solve various dermatological problems. Another advantage of such remedies is their availability. After all, they contain products that we eat or can buy in any store.
The most effective masks that have passed through the years to become popular today. Apply them to Your Skin!