10 Reasons to Consume Soaked Almonds on Regular Basis

This is how you can soak almonds

Soaking nuts is a very easy procedure, and it requires just two ingredients: almonds and water.

In the evening, put a fair amount of nuts into a bowl and pour enough water, so that all almonds are completely covered. The next morning (that is, in 8-12 hours time) drain the water out of the bowl and earnestly rinse nuts. At this stage almonds’ skins will be partially removed. You can leave them like that or peel them away – if you want to enjoy a smoother flavor. Wipe almonds with a paper towel (or by simply placing them onto it for a few minutes).

Eat soaked almonds whenever you like, as a snack or for breakfast, but make sure to consume them at moderate levels since they have a pretty high caloric value.

Can you store soaked almonds?

Yes, water-drenched almonds can be stored in a fridge for up to 5 days. Put them into an impermeable container and try to consume within this period. Otherwise, the remnants can be used for cooking, baking or freezing up for the future.

One more way to keep an unused surplus of nuts is to roast them and then keep at room temperature. To do that, preheat your oven to 78-80° C, pour almonds onto the sheet pan and roast them until they are completely dried up.


Eating soaked almonds is a very beneficial way to control your health problems. They are much healthier than their raw counterparts because soaking increases their absorption and makes it easier for our bodies to get the most of their nutritious properties. Eating them may prevent heart-related diseases, control body weight and improve digestion.