10 Reasons to Consume Soaked Almonds on Regular Basis

Might Improve Your Skin

Empirical evidence indicates that water-drenched almonds may fight your skin problems. Many researchers believe that both internal and external usage of almonds benefits our skin.

First of all, the consumption of soaked almonds leads to a better quality of nutrient intake. Most of these nutrients (such as vitamin E and some others) are powerful antioxidants, which protect us from free radicals that damage our cells (including skin cells). Therefore, the more nutrients we get with almonds, the better it is for our skin.

Next, thanks to the high content of polyphenols in almonds’ outer layer, they can be used externally to soothe irritated skin. The paste made of mashed almonds is found to be very helpful for chapped and itching skin.

May Be Used as a Hair Solution

There is also anecdotal evidence that soaked almonds might help people to improve their hair. They contain a plenty of minerals and antioxidants that supply high amounts of valuable for hair elements, which contributes to its growth and appearance. Eating almonds or applying its paste on your scalp reduces hair fall and makes it stronger and thicker.

You can also prepare a quick hair mask that can be used as a natural remedy for dry or damaged hair. Simply soak a handful of almonds in water before you go to bed, then mash them in the morning while adding a good amount of olive oil. Apply this mask onto your soaked hair, put a shower cup on and forget about in for about 30 minutes. Then use shampoo and thoroughly wash the remnants out.

So, try to remember about generous benefits of soaked almonds and make sure to keep a good supply of them at home for all your everyday needs. Take a look at how you can soak these wonderful nuts.