10 Reasons to Consume Soaked Almonds on Regular Basis

Improve Digestion

Digestion of raw almonds is not easy for some people – because of a rocky texture of their outer coating. Water steeping allows neutralizing of its unpleasant exterior and releases valuable nutrients that are hidden beneath it. Thanks to preliminary soaking they can be easily digested, and your gastrointestinal tract will be protected from exposure to anti-nutrients. In addition, water-drenched almonds let out lipase, a useful enzyme that takes part in fat breakdown and helps your body to absorb nutrients better.

Researchers of the California University (Davis) discovered that bioavailability of soaked almonds could be greatly improved if their soaking lasted for no less than 24-hour time.

Help to Manage Weight

Scientists found that the metabolism of people that frequently eat nuts (such as almonds) is accelerated, which, in turn, reduces their risk to gain weight or might even lead to its loss.

Clinical trials demonstrated that people who were on an energy-restricted diet and consumed soaked almonds for breakfast showed improved cholesterol profiles and lost some weight. In addition, participants of the study showed reduced fat and water masses and cut down their waistlines.

Researchers have also found that moderate consumption of nuts on a daily basis improves the body energy expenditure, which is also associated with a reduction in weight.