10 Reasons to Consume Soaked Almonds on Regular Basis

Almonds are not only super-tasty nuts but a treasure house of health benefits. These crisp and chewy nuts can be both a healthy snack and even a separate dish (for people on a low-calorie diet) packed with a lot of valuable nutrients.

Almonds can be eaten raw, roasted and soaked. If you have never tried soaked almonds before, it’s maybe a time for you to test them now. Soaked almonds have many additional advantages including better taste and more available for your body nutrients.

Let’s have a look at 10 obvious reasons to consume this excellent form of almonds on a regular basis.

Why are soaked almonds more beneficial than their roasted counterparts?

It appears that the taste, texture and nutritious composition of soaked almonds are much better than the raw ones’. They are easier to digest since the process of soaking softens the almonds’ outer coating. Soaking also suppresses the activity of the two anti-nutritional elements, phytic acid, and tannins, found in the amber exterior layer of nuts.
Removing the exterior of almonds reveals their light-beige embryo, which contains all the nutrients. Anti-nutrients create a bit bitter taste in raw almonds. Apart from that, they are hard and crunchy, which does not suit everyone. Soaked nuts are much softer, more flavorful and delicious. They are not only easier digested but are also more beneficial for your inner organs and brain.

For all the above reasons, it is not surprising that almonds treated with water have more benefits for your health than their raw variety. Take a look at the below list medicinal abilities of almonds, and we are sure that you can find a lot of extra benefits of these wonderful nuts, that will make you love them even more than before.